Why Rapidity Networks?
Incredibly Fast

Gigabit Internet with speeds upto 1000 Mbps all day long

Affordable and Simple

Pay way less for way more, and keep that price as you go

Human friendly

Get help from a local person; robots won't get in your way



Get Human to Human Help

Immediately talk to a local helper without being on hold, being transferred, or jumping through hoops.


Fast Internet, reliably

Get blazing fast 1Gbps Internet all-day long
— even if all your neighbors are at home.


Tools for Productivity

Fiber Internet gives you smooth video calls, instant upload times, and the power to work from home.


Community Involvement

We hire local professionals, improve community spaces, and expand access to affordable internet.


Simple, Honest, and Ethical

  1. No hidden fees and prices you can keep forever.
  2. We won’t throttle you or limit your online options.
  3. We respect your privacy and limit data collection.